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Lauren Bongers

Lifestyle Writer

Digital Copywriter | Belk. Freelancer for SouthPark Magazine, Carolina Bride, Lake Norman Magazine, Thrillist and Charlotte Magazine. Covering all things lifestyle.

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Lickety-click | Three-Course Spiel | Creative Loafing Charlotte

Lickety-click | Three-Course Spiel | Creative Loafi...

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Featured Cocktail: Barrel-Aged, Rosemary, Maple Duck Manhattan ...

Featured Cocktail: Barrel-Aged, Rosemary, Maple Duc...

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Five fitness professionals share their menus

You smash cans of PBR on any given week night, take shots of dark liquor like it's your job and end your drunken evenings gorging on cheesy fries and fried mushrooms. Your saving grace is that your en...

Wherefore art thou, cocktail?

Just where did the word cocktail come from? One legend dates back to the American Revolution, in which an innkeeper served after-dinner drinks to French and American officers passing through for the n...

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The corner of 5th and Church streets: Reinvented

Charlotteans are notorious for getting stuck in their own neighborhoods, hardly daring to venture out of their comfort zones to explore the offerings of other districts. Some things shake folks out of...

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Makeup artist Jami Svay introduces new hair accessory line

You could say Jami Svay is a bit unconventional. But only in the best sense of the word. A natural beauty oozing with confidence, Svay is the makeup artist who wears no makeup. "When most people see m...

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You have the right to remain polished

You might not believe a classically trained chef with a degree in women’s studies and studio art would be the founder of a local nail polish subscription company. But behind every working girl is a mi...